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Elevated Web Design & Development
We aren’t just a team of designers and developers. We’re a consultancy. That means we help you build the solution that is best for your organization, community, or business. Our team brings experience from enterprise, creative agencies, and tech companies and is focused on providing private & secure websites for our clients.

For more information, contact: services@staging.above-agency.com

Basic Consultation

This is a basic consultation from Above Agency or one of our partners. You are guaranteed a one hour call where we will get to learn about your issues, analyze your needs, and create an outline of work that will solve them.

Once you purchase we will reach out to your email to setup an appointment.

Thank you for your business.

above.web Private & Reliable Web Hosting

We offer Private Web Hosting as a service to organizations that want their websites to be private & reliable.

We host our client's websites in private data centers, with three layers of daily backups and firewall protection. This gives you protection against hackers and alows you to migrate servers quickly or recover in cases of site failure. We also assist clients with registering private domain names.

We offer technical support & recommendations on the Wordpress platform.

Private & Secure Web Hosting Services start at $100.00 a month.

$100.00/month until cancelled
Domain Transfer

A one-time domain transfer fee recommended for new Above Web Hosting clients.