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White Feather Intelligence Firm is a private intelligence firm that utilizes the tools and techniques of O.S.I.N.T. to help find weakness or flaws in your online presence which could be used against you.
In today’s climate, privacy is often thought of as dead or the response you hear most to any privacy discussion is “well I don’t matter so no one will look into me” or “I have nothing to hide so who cares what they see.” But is that the case? Do you have nothing to hide? What about banking information, spending habits, who you talk to, and what you do online? There is plenty of things we should consider “private” and as such, do everything we can to protect them. Another threat in today’s age is the ideas that we should be judged for our beliefs or who we listen to on the internet. Recently, we have seen many examples of people losing their jobs or being taken down for just questioning the mainstream ideas that have labeled things such as free speech or alternative news sources a threat to society. Now more than ever, privacy matters.
Finding out where one is exposed or vulnerable is the first step in finding out how to properly adjust our online habits to better secure ourselves from exploitation by both government and private entities. We have been asked if we are a political group ourselves and the answer is no. We believe everyone has the rights to privacy and to know what they can do to better ensure their security online which could save them real world trouble as well. Not only do we help with through our privacy services, but we also help through our investigation services both corporate and private citizens. Journalists are another group that we gladly help for their efforts to investigate corruption or just gather information for their publications.

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Basic Consultation

This is a basic consultation from Above Agency or one of our partners. You are guaranteed a one hour call where we will get to learn about your issues, analyze your needs, and create an outline of work that will solve them.

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above.privacy: Base Checkup

Our base level full investigation which looks into online presence and investigates the provided info from customer. We will give an assessment of just what we found and what to do in order to assist the customer in a better privacy enhanced life. This will be a basic investigation with simple report of findings and one on one call to discuss and treat.

This is for one username and one email.


For families & small teams we offer the:

IMPACT PACKAGE: up to 3 emails and 5 usernames