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Choosing your operating system.


Use your favorite apps without being spied on.

Most modern apps require Google Play Services to function. These services constantly track usage information and send it to Google. CalyxOS can replace these services with an open-source implementation called microG, which preserves your privacy and minimizes interaction with Google. This allows popular apps to work without you getting spied on.

Features & Benefits

  • Use Aurora Store to download apps from the Google Play Store anonymously
  • Verified boot process ensures the OS hasn’t been modified
  • Full control over Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
  • Trusted Agent gives you visibility into application permissions
  • microG replaces Google Play Services while maintaining a higher level of anonyminity & privacy
  • Regular security updates

The leading standard for privacy & security

GrapheneOS provides extensive security improvements at the software level. Many standard applications will not work such as Google Maps, Gmail, Facebook, Youtube. Many have open-source alternatives and replacements. If you want no compromises on privacy & security, this is the operating system for you.

Features & Benefits

  • Hardened kernel, firmware, and memory allocator provide enhanced security
  • Enhanced verified boot to protect physical attacks on your phone
  • Improved filesystem-based full disk encryption
  • Indicators for active camera & microphone usage
  • Direct Network permissions toggle for each application
  • Sensors permission toggle, disallow access to additional sensors like Camera, Microphone, Body Sensors, Activity Recognition, acceleratometer, gyroscope, compass, barometer, thermometer, and other sensors.
  • Seamless automatic OS update system with regular updates